Established June 1, 1993, the Jim Tunney Youth Foundation supports community programs and resources that work with youth to develop leadership, work skills, wellness, and self-esteem. We emphasize programs that work one-on-one with kids, not just to identify problems that hinder, but to illuminate possibilities and increase realistic options for building productive, self-determining lives.

We do not restrict our support to one kind of program. A grant might be made to purchase sports or computer equipment, or to support an earned-reward program that teaches goal-setting, or any of a wide-range of possibilities. We look for programs that emphasize skills and that develop the understanding that commitment and discipline benefit dreams.

Founded by former NFL referee and educator Jim Tunney, we are governed by a Board of Directors comprised of community leaders with deep experience in education, business and community programs. Funded by private and corporate contributions, the Jim Tunney Youth Foundation is a fully tax-deductible 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.